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Piping sewage pump usage, features and applicable conditions

main usages

1、 enterprise wastewater
2、 urban sewage treatment plants emissions system.
3、 residential area sewage drainage station.
4、 subway, basement, civil air-defense drainage station.
5、 hospital, hotel, high-rise building sewage disposal.
6、 municipal engineering and construction sites thin mud emissions.
7、 Farming sewage discharge and rural irrigation.
8、 productive waterworks water supply system.
9、 mining exploration and water treatment equipment matings.
10、 water conservancy project water supply, water drainage.


1、 sewage capability is strong, non-clogging.
2、 reasonable design, equipped motor power is small, energy-saving effect is remarkable.
3、 Using wear-resistant mechanical seal.
4、 compact structure, convenient moving, easy installation, no need to build pump room, reducing project cost.
5、 Can operate within all head range and guarantee motor won't overload.
6、 inlet and outlet centerline are in one line, can be directly mounted on anywhere of pipeline.

applicable conditions

1、 transmission medium temperature does not exceed 80 degrees Celsius.
2、 transmission medium heavy is 1 ~ 1.3 Kg/dm3.
3、 this pump materials mainly is cast iron, cannot be used in conveying high corrosive liquid.
4、 When pump works, around the pump should be well ventilated.
5、 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel material can be used to transport various corrosive liquid.

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