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Centrifugal pump selection, installation, usage and notes

1 selection and installation

Centrifugal pump should be in accordance with the conveying liquids to undertake choosing, and checked required performance, analysis suction, exhaust condition, whether it is intermittent operation or continuous operation, etc. Centrifugal pump usually should be in or close to manufacture manufacturer designed specific pressure and flow conditions operation. When pump installation should undertake the following to review:
① basic sizes, position, elevation should comply with the design requirements, the anchor bolts must be properly and accurately fixed in concrete foundation, the machine should not have missing parts, damaged or corrosion situation, etc.
② according to the pump transport medium characteristics, when necessary, should check the main parts, shaft seals and gasket materials,
③ pump level, right working shall conform to the provisions of the equipment technical documents, if without rules, should be consistent with existing national standards "mechanical equipment installation project construction and acceptance general specification" regulation,
④ all pipelines that connects with the pump body, pipe fittings installation and lubricant pipeline cleaning requirements shall be in compliance with relevant national standards regulations.

2、 usages

pump trial operation shall meet the following requirements:
① driver rotating direction should be same with pump rotating direction
② check pipeline pump and coaxial pump rotating direction
③ each fixed joints should be without loosing, each lubricant part adding lubricant specs and quantity should comply with equipment technical documents regulations;
④ have pre-lubricant required parts should according to provisions to pre-lubrucate;
⑤ every indicating meter, safety protection devices shall sensitive, accurate, reliable,
⑥ turning should be flexible, no abnormal phenomenon;
⑦ high temperature pump should preheat the pump body before trial operation, temperature should be uniform rised, each hour temperature rise should not be more than 50 ℃; The temperature difference of pump body surface and pipelines that have the working medium inlet should not be more than 40 ℃;
⑧ Setting eliminate temperature rise influence connecting device, set bypass connections device provide cooling water.

Centrifugal pump operation should pay attention to the following:

① prohibited no water running, do not adjust suction inlet to reduce emissions, prohibited operating under low flow,
② monitoring operating process, completely prevent stuffing box leakage, when replacing the packing box should use new packing,
③ ensure mechanical seal with fully flush flow, water-cooled bearing forbids the use of excessive flow,
④ lubricant don't use too much,
⑤ Check according to recommended cycle. Establish operating records, including operating hours, packing adjustment and replacement, adding lubricant and other maintenance measures and time. For centrifugal pump suction and discharge pressure, flow rate, input power, lotions and bearing temperature and vibration condition should be regularly measurement records.
⑥ centrifugal pump host depends on atmospheric pressure pumps lower water to the higher, and atmospheric pressure only supports approximately 10.3 m water column, so when the centrifugal pump host leave the water 12 meters, then it cannot work

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