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The standardized operation after centrifugal pump stop operation

① After centrifugal pump stop running, we should close pump inlet valve, after pump cooling, then successively close subsidiary system valve.
② High temperature pump stop should be implemented by equipment technical documents regulations, after stopping, should twist half circle each 20-30 min, until pump body temperature drops to 50 ℃.
③ cryogenic pumps stop, when with no special requirements, internal pump should be fluid-filled; The suction valve and the discharge valve should maintain normally open position,
adopting double mechanical seal cryogenic pumps, level controller and pump seal cavity sealant liquid should keep pump grouting pressure.
④ conveying easily crystallized, easy solidified, easy sedimentation medium pump, after stopping the pump should avoid jams, and timely using water or other media flush pump and pipeline.
⑤ Discharge pump internal stored liquid, to avoid rusting and frost crack.

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