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Distinction between multistage pump and single stage pump

1、 single stage pump refers to only one impeller pump, highest head is only 125 meters;
2、 the multistage pump means to have two or more impeller pump, highest head can more than 125 meters; Multistage pumps in single stage pump head must match two levels motor cases, by adding more impeller number to equip with level 4 motor, which can improve pump using life and reduces the noise, but multistage pumps maintenance is relatively more difficult than single stage pump.
3、 pump actual required head is less than 125 m, can according to pump room area, pump prices (multistage pump price usually higher than single stage pump) factors comprehensive consideration to choose single stage pump or multistage pumps.
With the development of technology, single stage impeller pump through improving the speed of the pump to improve pump head, can replace multistage pumps, just the price is more expensive.

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