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Warman DWU Centrifugal Pumps

The new Warman? DWU dewatering Centrifugal Pumps design offers customer a high head option encompassing the speeds for diesel and electrical driven applications, with heads exceeding 130 metres.

The Warman? DWU dewatering pump has been developed to enhance our existing high lift dewatering pump range.

The intended area of application is high head mine dewatering, as well as any general dewatering applications. The DWU pump will be able to handle dirty water of SG 1,05 with RD = 1.05, and a casing pressure rated at 7000kPa for series pumping, if required.

The range is made up of 4 pump frames - DWU 200, 150, 125 and 75. At maximum operating speed the DWU 200 pump will achieve a head of 115 m at best efficiency point with smaller units able to achieve 130m.



New compact design using 90% common parts interchangeable with the Warman? WBH? slurry pump.

The one-piece frame aids the correct alignment of bearings, seals and impeller.

Large capacity bearings are capablie of withstanding high loads, thus ensuring long bearing life. 

Double volute design to reduce radial loads, and thrust reduction impeller design to reduce axial thrust loads, thus enhancing bearing life.

Maximum casing pressure of 7000kPa, ideally suited for series pumping.




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