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Centrifugal Pumps Gas Powered 2012-12-17
This very versatile centrifugal pump makes quick work of moving all types of clear water applications where there are limited solids (up to 10% of solids).
Centrifugal pumps 2012-09-14
Although most pumps can be throttled to flow rates much lower than design, prolonged operation at shutoff head (deadheading) should be avoided. Every pump adds a small amount of heat to the water due
A centrifugal pump 2012-09-13
A centrifugal pump converts driver energy to kinetic energy in a liquid by accelerating the fluid to the outer rim of an impeller. The amount of energy given to the liquid corresponds to the velocity
Centrifugal pumps by rotating impellers 2012-09-12
Centrifugal pumps impart momentum to the fluid by rotating impellers that are immersed in the fluid. The momentum produces an increase in pressure or flow at the pump outlet.
Many types of centrifugal pumps 2012-09-11
Many types of centrifugal pumps can be used as HPRT with few design changes - horizontal or vertical, single stage or multistage, overhung or between-bearing type. They do not require special metall
Positive displacement pumps 2012-09-07
Positive displacement pumps have a constant torque characteristic, whereas centrifugal pumps demonstrate variable torque characteristics. This article will discuss only centrifugal pumps.
Centrifugal pumps in different ways 2012-09-06
Centrifugal pumps can be classified in different ways such as by flow type, suction type and on construction type (opened, closed, etc). The number of stages for a pump depends on the number of impell
Centrifugal pumps are very important 2012-09-05
Centrifugal pumps as inevitable part of any desalination plant are significant consumers of energy. Due to high capacities of desalination plants, efficient operation of all their components, includin
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