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IWAKI MDM series Centrifugal Pumps 2013-09-09
Technical data (50 Hz) Max. flow: 1.400 l/min Max. head: 74 m Materials: ETFE & PFA Power: 1,5-11 kW Temp. Range: -20-120
IWAKI Chemical Pumps 2013-09-06
Technical data (50 Hz) Max. flow: 5.000 l/min Max. head: 100 m Materials: ETFE, PFA Motor Power: 75 kW Max. Temp. range: -10
JESX/JEX Self-priming 'JET' pump-AISI 304(Centrifugal Pumps) 2013-06-26
Self priming electropump made in stainless steel AISI 304 suitable for domestic pressure boosting, small irrigation, gardening, car washing, tanks and pools emptying and pumping clear water in general
Grundfos: The Centrifugal Pump 2013-06-18
In the Department of Structural and Fluid Mechanics we are happy to present the first English edition of the book:
Use Solar Water Pumps in Your Garden 2013-01-21
Are you thinking about the benefits of using a solar powered water pump for your pond? You may want to use one of these if you have a smaller water feature or pond in your garden. It can help you save
How DoesCentrifugal Pump Work 2013-01-15
The centrifugal pump is a pump rotodynamic in nature that employs the use of a driver turning to increase the pressure of a liquid. These are commonly used to move fluids through piping systems. The l
The Viscous Pumping Help 2012-12-21
One problem that many factories face is the issue of pumping viscous liquids from one place to another. Pumps and valves do not work the same with viscous liquids as they do with less viscous liquids,
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